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Photo of Meaford Hall and Firehall in top slideshow courtesy Bill Inglis, Meaford

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Meaford Fire Hall

Meaford Fire Hall
beside Town Hall east on Nelson

"Built to the design of a local architect, James A. Ellis, in 1887, this fire hall represents one of the new types of building that appeared in the nineteenth century as public services increased. Tall, wide doors were required for the apparatus, and a tall, slender tower for drawing up the canvas hoses to dry. The upper stage of the tower was rebuilt in its present form in 1908.

"The use of especially-large, round-arched openings is characteristic of the late 1880s and the 1890s. The fully-developed Romanesque Revival, with massive trim in carved stone and moulded brick, is rare outside Toronto, but is approached here in the overall effect of juxtaposed large and small openings and even in detailing like the arcaded corbelling in the parapet. The whole design is well co-ordinated and has a modest dignity."

From Ontario Towns, by Ralph Greenhill, Ken Macpherson, Douglas Richardson. Published by Oberon.

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